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Determination Of CO2 In Hydrazine

Determination Of CO2 In Hydrazine


A hydrazine sample is acidified with phosphoric acid (H3PO4) in the reaction chamber. A carbon dioxidefree carrier gas sweeps the evolved CO2 from the reaction tube through a scrubbing solution and into the CO2 Coulometer where it is automatically measured by coulometric titration.


  1. Acid solution, 1:1 H3PO4.
  2. Scrubbing solution, 20% AgNO3 with 3% H2O2 adjusted to pH 2.
  3. Carrier gas scrubber, 45% KOH.
  4. Coulometer cell reagents (supplied with instrument).


  1. Assemble and prepare the components for operation as described in the Instruction Manuals.
  2. Determine the blank and run a standard to confirm proper operation of the complete system.
  3. Inject one (1) ml of sample through the septum and wash it into the reaction chamber with 10ml of acid.
  4. Begin the analysis by pressing “Start Analysis” on the CM5017 CO2 Coulometer.
  5. When all of the CO2 is evolved and titrated, the CM5017 automatically detects the endpoint, ends the analysis and prints the result to the printer and/or USB Flash Drive. *

(*) – Endpoint determination and result calculations are performed automatically based on user selectable settings entered into the CM5017 CO2 Coulometer.


The overall accuracy of this analysis is +/-0.5% with a typical analysis time of 5 minutes.


  1. Hydrazine is EXTREMELY CORROSIVE!! Protective clothing and eye wear should be worn to prevent skin contact.
  2. Hydrazine rapidly absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and this must be avoided during sample handling to obtain reliable results.