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CM5390 Automated Boat Inlet

CM5390 Automated Boat Inlet


  • Improved Sample Introduction
  • Solid or Liquid Samples
  • Eliminates Ladle Breakage
  • Controlled Sample Handling

The CM5390 Automated Boat Inlet from UIC, Inc. is the latest accessory in our product line designed to provide enhanced ease-of-use and analytical reproducibility.

The CM5390 is used in conjunction with UIC’s CM5120 or CM5300 high-temperature furnaces and either the CM5011, CM5012, CM5014 or CM5017 coulometer to provide an improved method of sample introduction.

The Automated Boat Inlet has a large, easy to access sample entry box, user selectable sample entry speeds, variable purge time setting and an integrated flowmeter. The CM5390 replaces the traditional “dog houses” and breech block assemblies found on UIC’s standard analytical systems.


The CM5390 eliminates the need to remove and replace breech block caps to insert and retrieve sample ladles. This also eliminates the chance of breaking any sample ladles.

Simply weigh out your sample, place it into the sample entry box, close and latch the lid, and start the analysis. The system is automatically purged of atmospheric CO2, the sample is then automatically introduced, analyzed and retracted* with no user input. Samples can now be analyzed with, literally, “one hand tied behind your back”.

*When used with a CM5014 or CM5017 coulometer

Electrical Requirements – 115V, 50/60Hz, 2A
Sample Entry Time – Variable, 24 – 53 seconds
System Purge Time – Variable, 16 – 292 seconds
Sample Capacity – Up to 20 g (sample dependent)
Dimensions, LxWxH, in. (cm) – 18x11x13 (46x28x33)
Net Weight – 20 lbs. (9kg)

Ordering Information

CM5390-01 – Automated Boat Inlet – Includes: CM5390 base unit, CM211-019 combustion tube, CM201040 ladle entry tube, CM201—042 hook ladle, 3 x CM251005 large porcelain boats, accessories, power cord and operation manual. For 115V operation.

CM5390-02 – Automated Boat Inlet – Includes:  Same as above, except equipped for 230V operation.

CM5390S-01 – Automated Boat Inlet – Includes: Same as CM5390-01, except equipped for use with total sulfur systems. For 115V operation.

CM5390S-02 – Automated Boat Inlet – Includes: Same as above, except equipped for 230V operation.