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The Source Carbon & Sulfur Analysis

The primary products for UIC are the coulometric carbon analysis systems.These systems are used extensively by the university, geological, oceanographic, petroleum and cleanliness verification markets.

The carbon analysis systems have the ability to determine total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and surface carbon (SC) in solids, liquids, slurries and gases.

A Brief History of UIC

UIC, Inc. was established by Jerold Armstrong in 1965 as a manufacturer’s representative firm and has grown into a full manufacturing and R&D facility. UIC manufactures coulometric carbon and sulfur analysis systems.


University of East Anglia

My team at the University of East Anglia uses 2 coulometers model CM5011 for determining the total dissolved inorganic carbon concentration (known as TCO2, DIC, TC) in seawater. The coulometers are ~25 years old, but are still performing well.

Veberod gem gallery

As a chemical oceanographer working on understanding impacts of ocean acidification on tropical coral reefs, measuring marine properties like Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) with high precision and accuracy, is vital for our research.

National oceanography centre

We use two UIC coulometers for analyzing seawater samples for the accumulation of anthropogenic CO2 emissions throughout the water column (0-6500m depth) across entire ocean basins (North/South Atlantic, Southern Ocean). We are constantly amazed at the precision and performance of the instruments.

Laboratorio de Analisis Ambiental Universidad Nacional

This our first experience (around 1 year of continuous use)  using coulometric detection for carbon analysis, we were used only to the classic TOC analyzers that use NDIR detection. So far, I prefer coulometric detection! It’s faster, precise, and trustworthy. What I like most is the fact that it doesn’t need detector calibration like the NDIR detectors.


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CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon Analysis

The CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon Analyzer is a complete analytical system allowing the direct measurement of total inorganic carbon in a wide variety of sample matrices and concentrations. Combining a self-contained unit for the acidification of a sample (to evolve CO2), with a highly sensitive CO2 detector